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Our Mission

PAC has a large team with a very diverse set of skills to meet the needs of our clients. As a team we collaborate to make sure that our clients have access to the skills they need to optimize the profit of their business. In addition, we collaborate with external partners who are experts in their respective fields to deliver the best solutions at the best cost.


Veterinary Consulting

Our veterinarians design health and production programs for producers, provide training to support program implementation and continually evaluate program efficacy by observing cattle, personnel and data.

See all PAC veterinarians at


PAC personnel are experienced in designing, monitoring, and analyzing field research, including efficacy, safety, post-marketing, and in-house studies for the beef and swine industries.

Shane Terrell, DVM, PhD - (308) 430-1617
Dan Thomson, DVM, PhD - (785) 410-6233

Animal Stewardship

The Animal Stewardship Division (ASD) of PAC provides on-site evaluation and training in animal handling, using the pressure-and-release philosophy with both horses and cattle.

Tom Noffsinger, DVM - (308) 882-6161

Ted Howard - (785) 672-7530

Facility Design

PAC professionals design handling facilities for cow-calf, stocker, feedlot and packer operations to achieve optimal cattle flow during receiving, shipping, processing, and sorting.

Kip Lukasiewicz, DVM - (402) 760-3939

Bilingual Training

Bilingual training services include personal interaction with Spanish-speaking employees, presentation of training materials and translation of handling and treatment protocols.

Jose Valles, MS - (785) 317-8055


Our proprietary data management system integrates health and production information in a single platform to facilitate evidence-based decision making and timely bench-marking.

Garrett Taylor - (785) 672-7116

International Consulting

PAC has a consultant who has done international work in Australia, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil studying the work of global cattle feeders. Dr. Sullivan brings his past and present findings to our clients to help them learn best practices and things to avoid based on his experiences in other countries. Dr. Sullivan is based out of Australia.

Kev Sullivan, DVM - 6 (142) 819-4287

Student Externships

We offer externships for veterinary students that provide an opportunity for valuable hands-on feedlot consultation experience. Course period is for 1-3 weeks. If interested, please submit a completed application, resume, references, and a letter of intent describing how you heard about us, your goals, and requested dates, to Lisa Taylor at

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