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Production Animal Consultation

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Research Projects

Efficacy of Liver Abscess Vaccines in Natural-Fed Finishing Cattle and the Impact of Liver Abscesses on Performance and Carcass Characteristics

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Trent Fox*, Dan Thomson, Nels Lindberg, and Kerry Barling

Evaluation of Retreatment and Case Fatality Rates for Calves Treated with Antimicrobials and Ancillary Flunixin Meglumine for BRD Complex


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E. D. Linsenmeyer BS, D. U. Thomson MS PhD DVM, J. T. Fox MS PhD, N. N. Lindberg DVM

The Testing and Removal of Feeder Calves at the Time of Arrival to the Feedlot that are Persistently Infected with Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus and the Subsequent Outcome on Morbidity, Mortality and Performance


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Elliot T. Stevens, MS (1); Daniel U. Thomson, PhD, DVM (1); Nels Lindberg, DVM (2)
(1) Department of Clinical Sciences, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 
(2) Animal Medical Center, Great Bend, KS

Impact of Vaccination on the Incidence of Liver Abscesses in Natural-Fed Finishing Cattle


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J.T. Fox (1), D.U. Thomson (1)*,

N.N. Lindberg (2), K. Barling (3)
(1) Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Manhattan, KS  (2) Progressive Beef Consulting Service, Great Bend, KS (3) Novartis Animal Health US, Inc., College Station, TX
*Corresponding author: 1800 Denison Ave., Manhattan, KS 66506;

Ongoing Research

  • Comparison of Two Antibiotics for Respiratory Treatment Success In a Commercial Feedyard - Two Sites

  • Comparison of Two Antibiotics for Mass Respiratory Treatment Success In a Commercial Feedyard - One Site